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Mitchell Design & Graphics has been providing quality embroidery for over 14 years.
We are capable of producing large jobs of thousands of pieces or more. Yet, we are small enough to produce just one embroidered shirt.   No job is too big or too small.
We also offer free shipping anywhere in the continental US via UPS or FedEx Ground on  orders over $200.
So give us a call for your next embroidery project at: 
We also do contract embroidery. 
Let us handle your production over load.
Polo & Golf Shirts - Dress Shirts - Fishing Shirts - Hats - Bags - Team Uniforms - Towels - Jackets - Aprons - and More...
The Process

Digitizing is the process of converting a graphic or text into an embroidery program file (.dst file) which will run on an industrial sewing machine.

Most embroiders charge a set fee per thousand stitches for creating a custom embroidery logo.

We are in the business of making things far less complicated. Digitizing is FREE for any custom order over 48 pieces and only a minimal charge if your order is under 48 pierces.  There is no minimum order size for embroidery and we do offer "program pricing" (call for details).

How do different types of fabric effect how the embroidery design looks when sewn?

The type of fabric your design is being embroidered on makes a HUGE impact on both how we digitize your logo and how that logo will end up looking on the garment.

In general, the stronger the fabric, the better the embroidery looks. For example, twill, canvas, poly denier nylon (like bags and duffels), most outerwear materials and other very sturdy fabrics sew extremely well. Small lettering looks fantastic and logos don't need as many underlay fill stitches to maintain the integrity of the design.

On the flip side, very soft or flimsy fabrics, like rayon, silk, soft pima cotton, dry fit fabrics and other very delicate garments, require a very different digitizing approach and more underlay stitches to stabilize the design.

High pile fabrics like fleece, sweatshirts, hoodies, polar fleece, terry cloth (beach and bath towels) and other thick fabrics hide the small detail of a custom embroidery design and therefore have to be modified to work well on those substrates.

In summary, let us worry about all of that !

Just make sure we know what material we will be embroidering on and we will make sure your design sews perfectly EVERY TIME!