7355 SW 38th Street  #101
Ocala, FL  34474

Phone 352-368-5997

MItchell Designwear was formed in 1993 by P.J. and Gary Mitchell.  Like a lot of small businesses we started from humble beginnings, in our garage.  We initially had one small manual press and high ambitions.  We were going to dominate the screen printing business in Ocala...   (Forget the fact that we initially knew nothing about the screen printing business other than, "How hard could it be?  I've worn a T-shirt before..." )

It wasn't long until we outgrew our garage and moved into our first dedicated shop.

We bought another screen printing company that was getting out of the T-shirt business to concentrate on signs, acquiring their equipment, screens, customer list and we had hit the big time.  We now had an 800 number and a yellow pages listing in Tampa.

We moved again in 1997, into a larger shop and, because we had been farming out the embroidery business that we can across, we bought our first embroidery machines. 

You know that little voice in your head that says you should stay away from something because you know nothing about it??

Apparently ours is broken !!  It never made a peep about the screen printing business nor not knowing anything about commercial embroidery machines!!

At least we were smart enough to hire an experienced embroidery person to shorten the learning curve.

We were now in the screen printing and embroidery business. 

Fast forward another year and, at the request of one our best customers, we bought a vinyl cutter and we were now in the sign business as well.  (We now had gotten pretty used to charging into uncharted territory without advice from the "little voice").  Along about that time our name changed to Mitchell Design and Graphics as you were no longer able to wear everything we produced.  Again we were out of space...

We moved again, this time to a shop that we were sure would be large enough to last us forever...

In 2005 we sold the business and, with the idea of becoming semi-retired, bought a motor home .  A little over two years later that best laid plans thing bit us and we ended up getting the business back.   (It's OK because we didn't really like semi-retirement anyway.)

Shortly afterward we became Mitchell Design & Graphics, Inc.

Long story shortened to present day... 

In January of 2012 we moved into our present home (one that we're sure will be large enough to last us forever) acquired some additional equipment... and the saga continues!!!

We would like to thank all of the customers who have stuck with us all of these years, those new customers who have come on board, and those new customers that we have yet to meet  for helping make us successful. 

In addition to customers, many of you have become valued friends as well.  That has made it all worthwhile!

We truely hope that you will continue to allow us to serve you.